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I welcome you for an in-office session or teleconsultation, depending on your preference.

Charles, your life path scout

As a Tarot reader, and with my previous experience in corporate and business life, I can also guide you on your life path thanks to therapeutic and psychological Tarot readings. I use the traditional deck of the Tarot de Marseille as well as various specific numerological techniques to help you understand your life path and how to make the most of your being and your circumstances.

As a magnetician and energy healer with 19 years’ experience, I practice energy healing with the aim of helping the body to self-regulate and regain its balance. The body is often disturbed by our modern lifestyle, which exposes us to various factors that have a negative impact on our well-being and our physical or energetic harmony. There are many causes of imbalance: diet, pollution, a sedentary lifestyle, stress related to work, travel or simply life events, accidents, shocks…

Using the gentle, natural method of energy healing, I work in the seven layers of your electromagnetic field or aura, from the surface of your clothes or above. I remove various blockages and stagnations in your organs, physiology and energy centres. As the work progresses and in the days that follow, your body, mind and spirit regain a more harmonious way of functioning, allowing you to gradually return to a state of wellbeing.

My magnetism sessions are tailored to the needs of each individual, with respect and kindness. In addition, I generally use energy techniques designed to balance the emotional, mental and spiritual spheres.


My specialities









Unleash your energy potential

I am also an energy therapist, and I do specialize in the practice of energy healing. The function of the energy healer, as I understand it, is to remove the subtle obstacles that have a negative impact on your emotions, psyche and spirit. During a session, energy work is almost always combined with magnetism. The result is well-being in all your dimensions, including your body and mind.

My energetic sessions are designed to bring you relief, and promote lasting well-being. The subtle energy fields emanating from our energy centers (or chakras) and our bodies form what is known as the aura. When chakras and aura are out of balance, this can affect physical, mental and emotional well-being. As an energy therapist, I’m committed to restoring this balance using proven, gentle, holistic and natural techniques.


Your tarot reader

Finally, I’m also a tarot reader. The practice of tarology is as diverse as its practitioners, and my professional practice consists of interpreting tarot cards to empower and guide you on your life path.

Imagine being able to enter into a dialogue with yourself through the Tarot de Marseille ! Each Tarot de Marseille card represents an aspect of you, your qualities and shadows. I choose the tarot and my words according to the consultant, in an inclusive, benevolent practice that respects each person’s identifications. My goal is to help you create a more rewarding, aligned and joyful life every day !


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